At the beginning of the school year, the pupils of grade 6 wrote short texts about their school and their everyday lives there. Here are a few examples for you to read:


My name is Jasmin. I´m in 6 E at Hans-Sachs-Gymnasium. Hans-Sachs-Gymnasium is over 100 years old. It has got its name from a famous poet – Hans Sachs.

In my class there are 32 pupils, 22 boys and 10 girls. We start at 8 o`clock and finish at 1 o`clock, sometimes at 3:15 p.m.

We have a lot of subjects at school, but PE is my favourite. As subjects we have English, German, PE, maths, history, science… In my school we have a lot of afternoon courses. There is also a great gymnasium, a playground, a canteen and a big “cube” (“Würfel”). Our school library is not big, but we are near Maxfeld library. We have lot of teachers and I have my favourite teacher.

HSG has a project; we help children in Romania. I think it´ s good to help others.

I found friends and feel good at my school.

J. G.

Hi I'm Daniel, I'm 11 years old and I’m at Hans-Sachs-Gymnasium in Nuremberg. There it is brilliant, the teachers are nice and help us when we need help. The toilets and the floors are clean. At the breakshop you can buy yummy food during break. Hans-Sachs-Gymnasium has a very big gymnasium. I find that great.

The playground is green from trees and flowers, so everybody is happy when it is break time. Hans-Sachs-Gymnasium is the best school in Bavaria.

D. S.

I’m at Hans-Sachs-Gymnasium, short HSG. This is a very popular high school in Nuremberg. The gym and the lunchroom are new. You can buy food and drinks downstairs. The library is on the second floor. We also have a music room on floor 3. It’s a great high school.

M. H.

In the morning I get up and go to the kitchen for breakfast. After that I drive to school. My timetable today is: Maths, French, English, Technology, RE, MSK, French, MSK and Maths. Maths is not easy, but I like English and French. The teachers are very nice to the other kids and me. Technology and R.E. are okay. Tuesday is a long day. After homework I go to my football lesson.

T. B.


My School is in Nürnberg. I´m in the sixth class now and I learn very much there. My favourite subjects are German and English. I don´t like maths. My teachers are nice, too. My school is a grammar school. I found some friends there. School starts at eight o´clock in the morning.

This was my story about school.

S. A.

My school is Hans-Sachs-Gymnasium. The school lessons start at 8.00 a.m. The kids come to school by bus, car, underground or bike. Some pupils walk to school, but only when they live near the school. We have many subjects like English, German, Maths, PE, RE etc. We needn´t wear school uniform. We have our own classroom, but sometimes we leave it for subjects like sports or art. Sometimes our teacher is ill and we have another teacher. That´s nice because we play games or can do our homework.

After two lessons we have 15 minutes break. We can eat or play games, and then we must go back to the lesson. After school we go home. A few pupils stay at school and sing or do sports but that`s voluntary.

G. E.

B. Fischer

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